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Shirohana Case Study

Shirohana partnered with Sprig Agency to revamp the way customers purchased their flowers online. The new online strategy was focused on highly targeted ads, through rapid experimentation that served as a blueprint for market expansion


Increase in Online Revenues


Increase in Conversion Rate


Customer Retention

The Sprig Agency team is fast, savvy, and truly ahead of the curve

“The Sprig Agency Team relentlessly challenged our approach to various inbound activities and completely changed how we think about revenue generation via the growth hacking funnel. They helped us show the right product to the right customer (at the right time!) to double our revenues year on year.”
Indrajith Jayasuriya
Director at Shirohana


While already popular in Colombo, this consumer brand company was looking to break into the online retail market


Introducing the brand and its popular products online, improving the website, and growing their online customer base


Increasing content-generated and content-assisted purchases


Improving overall conversions, funnel automation, and mid-funnel management


Improving ranking on high-intent industry keywords that are deemed important to the business

Services Provided

  • Mapping of business model, idea validation, and discovery
  • Growth targets (financial) with measured objectives
  • Website management
  • Rapid product/MVP prototyping
  • Market and competition research
  • Customer Persona and UX analysis
  • Full funnel analytics and journey tracking

Media Management

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Content Partnerships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO


Sprig Agency helped Shirohana improve its digital revenues by over 300% in less than 3 months

Through experimentation and highly targeted ads, we were able to scale a sustainable growth effort that led directly to an increase in online revenues through the website while tremendously improving our ROAS. All while maintaining a healthy retention rate, and keeping engaged customers coming back for more purchases.


Increase in User Engagement


Increase in Retention Rate


Increase in Retention Rate

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